School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS)

Overview of School Wide Positive Behaviour Support:

School Wide Positive Behaviour support is a broad set of research-validated strategies designed to create a school environment that provides students with social, emotional and behavioural skills to be successful learners and positive global citizens.

The result is a school-wide system in which a culture of appropriate behaviour is expected and demonstrated by students and acknowledged frequently by staff and parents.

Implementing School Wide Positive Behaviour Support at Bayside P-12 College will:

• Provide a safe and orderly environment to enhance learning
• Embed common behavioural expectations for our school community
• Use evidence based decision making
• Provide a shared teaching base in the form of a behavioural matrix
• Embed a culture of positive behaviour through explicit teaching of our behavioural expectations

Bayside P-12 College Behaviour Purpose Statement is:

Bayside P-12 College has a culture of ambition and excellence in an inclusive and innovative learning environment.  Students are encouraged to be confident and responsible learners.

Bayside P-12 College Expectations (values) are:

• Be Respectful
• Be Responsible
• Be a Learner

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