Select Entry Program

At Bayside P – 12 College we offer a select entry Academic Achievers program for highly motivated and academically able students. The focus is on providing students with a challenging and rewarding learning environment while enriching student learning through:

  • Curriculum studied above expected level
  • Higher order thinking tasks
  • Potential acceleration into VCE courses at year 10 level
  • An engaging range of excursions and learning opportunities

Interested students are required to sit an entrance exam in Maths and English. This programme is offered at both junior campuses: Altona North and Williamstown. 

Parents who are interested in their child joining the Academic Achievers Program must reside within the enrolment for the school. Once enrolments are finalised, in late July, we will be contacting all applicants for the opportunity to sit for the Academic Achievers select entry testing.

The test will be on Friday, 6th of September, from 9:00am-11:30am, 2024.