The College Council has endorsed a variety of uniform items which form the student Dress Code.

Council believes that the wearing of a clearly defined uniform and a high standard of personal grooming creates a sense of collective and individual pride in students’ identification with their school. In addition it provides a common standard of dress which is non-competitive and safe, and enhances the image of the college in the community.

Dobson’s Uniform Shop operates from the Paisley Senior Campus in Newport.

January 2021 Trading Hours

Monday 18/1/21: 9.30AM – 4.00PM
Tuesday 19/1/21: 9.30AM – 4.00PM
Wednesday 20/1/21: 9.30AM – 4.00PM
Thursday 21/1/21: 9.30AM – 4.00PM
Friday: 22/1/21 9.30AM – 4.00PM
Monday 25/1/21: 9.30AM – 4.00PM
Tuesday (Australia Day) 26/1/21: CLOSED
Wednesday 27/1/21: 9.30AM – 4.00PM
Thursday 28/1/21: Term Starts
Morning: 8.00AM – 11.00AM
Afternoon: 2.00PM – 5.00PM

Current conditions of entry into the store are:
– Only one adult per student(s) in each family will be allowed in the shop at  any one time.
– Masks must be worn in store at all times.
– Contactless payment methods such as credit card/eftpos is preferred

Personal fitting appointments are recommended due to the current social distancing requirements.  Please contact the Uniform Shop on 9399 3178 or email bay@dobsons.com.au to arrange a appointment time

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29 Marconi Drive, Dandenong Vic 3175

T 03 8788 7500
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