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Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter.

Since our last issue, we have been busy across the college with teaching and learning and extra-curricular activities.  Schools are not only about learning in the classroom. They are dynamic places of human and cultural connections that provide present and future opportunities, to create healthy communal and self-identities within a tolerant and divergent local and global perspective. Hopefully, we continue building for a better world. 

Below are some powerful examples of how this is happening at the grassroots:

State Youth Leadership Conference:

Last week our SRC students (Paisley campus) were invited to the Melbourne Convention Centre to take part in the State Youth Leadership Conference. The conference was attended by 1500 students from around the state. The event brought together the states most influential young leaders.  The objective of this conference was building skills and the confidence for young people to be changemakers in their communities and prepare them for a future in leadership.

Our group were able to meet renowned young innovators and visionaries who led workshops to discuss opportunities for empowering young people to be the greatest versions of themselves. Workshops were designed on ‘developing leadership styles’, ‘bouncing back from disappointment’ ‘using inner resilience’ and ‘challenging oneself to become better by moving out of comfort zones.’

Leadership on our Junior Campuses:

Some of our strongest and most capable student leaders have started in their early years of learning where they have wanted to be changemakers and a voice for their peers. Below are some of our potential future leaders: 

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Adhet Bol, Sara Forero Nieto, Eden Keen, Isaiah Satele, Kyah Thompson, and Imogen Young are a part of the primary leadership program we are instilling in our junior school.  

They are demonstrating the behaviours of reliability, responsibility, and necessity, and showing true leadership that will benefit them as they progress in their study.  Now as you journey to the Altona North Campus, you will see our national flags, flying high. 

Congratulations to Our New College Council Members:

This year we have a change in the composition of our College Council with new members coming onto the council.  School councils are part of the governance framework for Victorian government schools.

Under the Educational and Training Reform (ETR) Act 2006, the objectives of college councils are to:

To achieve their objectives, school councils have functions that relate to strategic planning, finances and community engagement.

I am very proud to be a part of the College Council because they are highly interested people who seek to create a high-performing, efficient and effective school, that responds strategically to the changing demands and educational challenges in our community and broader environment.

Council members for 2024/2025 year are:

Non DET Representatives:  Heiko Koenig, Emily Wrigglesworth, Ed Ghiocas, Genie Curtin, Helen Meyer -Tinning, Patrick Goessens, Ainsley Milton

Student Representatives:  Evie Curtin, Danielle Zarebski

DET Representatives: Suzanne Towe (Campus Principal), Natalie Hammond, Jamie Collins

Acting College Principal:  Milan Matejin

New Metrics:

The College has been in collaboration with a few public and private schools under the leadership of the University of Melbourne in its New Metrics initiative. For us this is a great opportunity for innovation and investment in our student’s future by joining with academic experts and international innovators to re-visualise and influence what schooling in our community can look like.

It is about moving on from the structures and features of the 20th century version of education by developing additional measures on what student success means.

Bayside P-12 College is one of the few New Metrics schools. This invitation-only, research-practice partnership is between innovative schools in Australia/NZ and The University of Melbourne. This partnership is leading a global movement, seeking improved ways to teach, assess and report on the complex competencies that learners need to thrive throughout school and beyond. Students across our College are piloting this program though inquiry, Voyager & VCE-VM and will be awarded profiles of their competencies at the end of the year.

I would lastly like to Congratulate our Top 11 of 2023. Please see link.


Mr M Matejin

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