Altona North Campus (P-9) #2

Suzanne 578x1024 - Altona North Campus (P-9) #2

Altona North is a community of learners committed to the College values in both spirit and action. Strong relationships is at the core of our everyday work and in turn sees all students flourish. Our teaching and learning environment from primary to secondary is purposeful and collaborative. We celebrate our diversity, believe in always trying new and challenging things and most importantly being kind to one another.

“I look forward to each and every day at Altona North. The curiosity and enthusiasm our students have for learning is obvious in classrooms and the array of programs they experience. The seamlessness between our primary and secondary classrooms is a result of specialised curriculum and a testament to the work of our dedicated teachers and support staff. We are always looking at ways to give agency to the young people in our care in an ever changing world.”

Suzanne Towe, Principal Altona North Campus

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